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Bora officially started operations in 2014.

We’re regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the National Pensions Regulatory Authority (NPRA)

Bora is a leading Ghanaian Investment Bank managed by people who have over 70 years’ cumulative experience in fund management. We currently manage over a billion in pensions, provident and private funds. We offer investment solutions that ensure the safety of clients investments.

We provide bespoke investment solutions to individual clients, diverse groups, clubs, business associations, societies, companies, churches, governmental organizations, non-profit organizations, foundations, associations and endowment funds.

We require you to fill KYC forms and to provide a National ID and a passport picture. For Corporate, Trust and other group accounts, we may require other appropriate documents.

There is no minimum amount needed to open an investment account with Bora.

We utilize our thorough research approach to scour the market for financially strong and profitable companies that offer attractive and competitive rates before placing your funds for investment.

Yes, we encourage our clients to make cash or transfer deposits into our Fidelity Account or our Mobile Money Account. You may also place Standing Order instructions with your bank to allow automatic and periodic transfers to our account at specified dates. Please contact us for account details.

You can top-up your investment accounts at any time and with any amount.

Clients can check investment balance online by registering on our online portal with your account details. Additionally, Bora sends monthly and quarterly statements to clients by email. Alternatively, you can make a request at any time by sending a mail to

Yes, you may open an Account in Trust for someone until they are able to have the mandate to access the account


No, we only operate accounts in Ghana Cedis.

Please visit our Contact page on our website or click here Our Contact

You can do so by putting in a request via email to You can make withdrawals from your account(s) at any time. There are no restrictions on investment accounts. However, we encourage clients to monitor their statements and make withdrawals on maturities to avoid charges.

You will have to fill an investment withdrawal form either by passing by our offices, or;

You can also download a withdrawal form from above, fill and return to us by email.

Yes, we charge an annual management fee which is deducted from your account every quarter. The fee charged for managing your funds is dependent on your profile and also the sum invested.

Yes, Bora has an investment committee which is responsible for amongst others reviewing and recommending institutions for placement and reviewing the performance of investments and clients’ portfolios.

For information about our investment approach and principles kindly click here:  Investment Approach & Principles

Rates on your invested funds are determined by the financial instruments we purchase based on each client’s bespoke needs and characteristics. These rates fluctuate from time to time in tandem with developments in the economy, financial and money markets. Hence, we do not guarantee returns.

Yes. You can download forms by clicking this link

Yes, and these charges depend on the amount and tenor of your investment.

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