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Fund Management

We are a trusted advisor to our clients. Our service is distinguished by our breadth of experience and relationships with several senior members who have advised clients for over 20 years. We have a deep understanding of the industry and the trends driving it forward and are committed to achieving consistently superior investment performance and delivering excellent client service, while adhering to a strong risk principle. We collaborate with clients; from individual investors to corporate institutions to create outstanding portfolio management strategies.

Pension Funds

“We invest for a better future”

As one of the leading pension fund managers in Ghana, we continuously seek to understand the investment needs and expectations of new and/or existing pension schemes and construct a portfolio that appropriately meets those needs. 

We are known to consistently deliver portfolio returns that outperform industry benchmarks.  Our outstanding returns are backed by in-depth research and strong risk management principles.  Licensed by the National Pensions Regulatory Authority, we work closely with both corporate and independent Trustees as well as Custodians to provide high standard of care and in accordance with best practices and regulations to achieve better future and retirement payments for contributors.

Provident Funds

“Fulfilling needs, exceeding expectations”

Employers are actively looking for ways to keep their employees motivated and to retain talent and one great way they do that is to commit, alongside employees to contribute a fixed percentage of the employee’s salary. 

At Bora, we have the expertise to manage these employer-employee contributions for financial growth and security and to provide sustainable solutions to alternative retirement planning needs. We draw extensively on our knowledge of the fund management business to achieve these objectives.

Wealth Management (Institutional/Individual Funds)

“Grow with us”

We work with clients to achieve investment goals and financial well-being. We understand that building wealth is no easy thing to achieve and we also understand that wealthy people require privacy and confidentiality regarding their wealth. 

That’s why at Bora, our team has a unique perspective into the needs of our high net worth individuals and families. We develop your wealth management plan by understanding your unique and evolving objectives.  As a Private Wealth client, you will have a dedicated Fund Manager and enjoy customized asset allocation, daily valuation of your portfolio on demand, monthly and quarterly reporting as well as visits.

Private & Voluntary Funds

“Your comfort and those of future generations”

We draw on our industry expertise to create long term value for individual, group and institutional clients such as persons, clubs, small business associations, companies, churches, governmental organizations, non-profit organizations, foundations, associations and endowment funds. 

Our fund management proposition includes the set-up of the fund, investment policy statement design, templates for trust deeds, fund rules and automated member account opening and administration. Our international class system unitizes regular member contributions and is able to generate real time member statements with real time earnings.

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