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Bora Fixed Income Unit Trust

The Bora Fixed Income Unit Trust is an open-ended fixed income unit trust. The scheme will invest in a diversified portfolio of fixed income instruments including Government Bills and Bonds, Statutory Agency Bills and Bonds, Corporate Bonds, Fixed Deposits etc. After the offer period, additional units in the Trust will be created and purchased on demand by subscribers on an ongoing basis at a price computed in accordance with the terms of these scheme particulars. This is set at a minimum value of GH¢10. The Trust will re-invest all investment income earned or received. Investors in the Trust will benefit from the capital appreciation of the Net Asset Value of each unit (“unit price”). The Trust is authorized and registered in Ghana as a Unit Trust Scheme and is governed by a Trust Deed. The Trustee of the Trust shall be vested with all the assets of the Trust, as mandated by the Law and Regulations to protect the interest of investors.

DetailsBora Fixed Income Unit Trust

Fund Manager
Bora Capital Advisors Limited
Fidelity Bank Ghana
Principal Objective
Preserve and enhance unitholders’ wealth to meet medium to long term financial goals, while creating liquidity to meet short term needs
Allocation Range
Fixed Income 100%
Minimum Initial Purchase
1,000 units (GH¢100)
Minimum Investment
100 units (GH¢10)
Management Fee
1.25% per annum

Fund Price Table

Collective Investment Scheme
Previous Price
Current Price
Daily Price Change
Daily Price Change(%)
Inception to Date Returns
Year to Date Returns
Bora Fixed Income Unit Trust

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